Documents Checklist

All Slips- T4, T4A, T4OAS, T4P, T4E, T4RSP, T4RIF, T5, T5007, T5008, T5013, T3, RC210

Tax Deductions, Credits, and Expenses

1. Last Year’s Notice of Assessment (NOA) / HBP & LLP Repayment Details
2. Tax Paid Installment, Rent or Property Tax paid
3. RRSP, or RP Contribution Receipts
4. Child Care Receipts
5. Moving Expenses
6. T2200 with Employment Expenses
7. Investment Expenses
8. Support Payments
9. Annual Fees, Membership Fees
10. Clergy, Repayments, Legal Expenses
11. Northern Residence
12. Allowable Business Investment Loss, Stock Options
13. Disability
14. Public Transport – Senior Citizens only (TTC, Go Trans, Other Trans)
15. Caregivers
16. New Home Buyers Credit (First Time Home Buyers)
17. Student Loan Interest
18. T2202A Tuition Fees, Examination Fees
19. Medical Expenses, Dental, Attendant Care
20. Adoption Expenses
21. Donations; both Charitable & Political